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301 Wallace Ave.
Vallejo, CA.
(707) 552-1573

PAL Office

Serving the Youth of Vallejo

Vallejo PAL Supports Measure K.

Since 1971 the Vallejo Police Activities League has been serving Vallejo young people. We are located at 301 Wallace Avenue in Vallejo, CA. We are a 501 (c) non-profit organization. Our purpose is to provide quality, healthy activities for the youth of Vallejo while fostering a sense of togetherness between the Police Officers of Vallejo and the young people of Vallejo. Our programs are run by volunteers. All of our activities are self-supporting and we keep the participation cost to a minimum. We have been serving Vallejo for many years now and plan to continue this service for many years to come. Check our Activities page to find a list of things to do in Vallejo.

How You can Help

Time from volunteers is very important to us. If time is not something you can help us with we are always grateful for cash donations and all donations are tax-deductible.


How your kids spend their free time has a lot to do with you. We encourage you to get involved, be excited about an activity with them. Helping them find a sport or activity that brightens their day can have a major impact on the way they live their adult lives. Trying different things will help them find that "special thing" they are good at.

Our Facilities

Adjacent to our office we have softball fields, soccer fields, a snack bar, and meeting space for our activity leadership. We have facilities in other parts of Vallejo as well. The recent demolition of the Curry school complex presents exciting opportunities for our programs. There are many ways you can help convert these opportunities into tangible, useable resources. See the Redevelopment section of this site for details on how you can be a part of this exciting time in Vallejo PAL history.

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